boys and girls

Maya does go through the occasional slightly aggressive phase but for the most part she is über feminine. Not pink and princess feminine but let's sit around in an orderly manner and keep our voices down while we play sorta feminine. So being around boys can be a tiny bit overwhelming for her and a tiny bit boring for boys. Poor Olly tried running around with her but she fell and cried instead. This of course made him feel awful and he quietly mumbled "I don't like her" as he walked away.  Frankie had the best time playing rough with Olly and it definitely had him wishing for a boy when we're ready for round two. I was such a tom boy growing up and pretty must spent my childhood covered in cuts and bruises feeling rather proud of them. Not my Maya though, she's a dainty little baby bird and we love her dearly, exactly the way she is (as does her loving cousin Olly). He very quickly made peace with the fact that he could not play rough with her and they were able to enjoy each others company tremendously.