Spencer & Christine - Married

Spencer and Christine are family. 
And on a freezing cold November day, a big happy loving group of people got together, with excitement in our bellies and joy in our hearts to celebrate their beautiful wedding day.

 The outside photographs were taken at sunset so we were losing light fast. The upside to it being cold is that everyone works very fast and efficiently (in order to get indoors where it's warm with a kick-ass party unfolding). I am so amazed that we were able to do all the photographs we talked about and then some in all of 20 minutes (I am only posting a very small portion). A huge thanks to the bridal party for being so awesome!! I was a bit nervous about pulling this off but thanks to a very organized bride and her team, everything moved along fantastically. 

Thank-you so much for the honour Spencer & Christine; and here's wishing you an abundance of happiness and adventure.