day 29 of Miou and a beautiful morning at Great River School

Mademoiselle coat and bonnet, hand-me-down pants and green dress from Boomerang kids.
This place feels like home. Maya loves it so much and she did an entire circle time today with out running off. I wanted to teach her the importance of participating and staying with the group and this was the perfect environment to learn this lesson. Entirely lead by curiosity, she now loves circle time and is so inspired in this space. Maya's friend Delphina always comes running to her with her two favourite dolls and it makes Maya feel so loved and welcome. The facilitator, I'm convinced is half-human half-angel (although aren't we all? ;)). Maya loves her and she is the most beautiful storyteller I have ever witnessed.

Maya helped me make these lanterns today in class. She painted on the mod podge while I wrapped it with paper.