day 30 of Miou

Although Maya did have her Miou knitwear on yesterday, I wanted today to be day 30. This forest is our happy place. She would choose this place over Disney World in a heart beat. This is where it all started too

So much to share..

I'm starting with the comfortable fit.  It makes Miou very breathable and ideal for cool summer days when you need just a touch of warmth (I'm specifically thinking of her diamond cardi and the mademoiselle coat out of the pieces we have). And it works perfectly for cold weather. It was 3 degrees this morning and Maya was wearing two warm layers under her coat. The sleeves were still nice and comfy, and she was warm. Comfortable fit also usually translates to kids not outgrowing their clothes in the blink of an eye. Maya has had her green diamond cardi since the beginning of this summer and it still fits her with room to grow.

I screwed up and put her brown pants in the washer and dryer. You are supposed to hand wash and dry flat. All I saw was a mountain of laundry and when I pulled them out of the dryer my heart sank. The pants shrunk quite a bit but because of the comfortable fit they still fit her just fine. So no big deal in the end. And as I've mentioned before, these pants are great for potty training. They go on and off very easily and the tie in front takes seconds. The great thing about alpaca wool is that it doesn't absorb water very easily. So when she had little accidents I'd just wipe the inside and get on with it. Some of you might find this gross but practical Virgo me that would like to save on laundry, loves stuff like this. 

So far the only piece I've washed are the brown pants (multiple times because some accidents are just too big to merely wipe off). I was planning on washing her green cardi when she spit up on it but rinsed off the gooey stuff instead. None of her Miou wear smell bad,  nor do they look like they're in need of a wash. So the anti-bacterial qualities mentioned on Miou's website are true. I should definitely mention that Maya is so very proper and tidy. Not that she doesn't play like a wild crazy toddler, just maybe not nearly as wild as other kids or perhaps as often. She is an artsy, long walks in the woods, painting and reading kinda child; with a healthy dose of rough and tumble play.

I have only had to de-pill the green cardi so far and the pants look like they need a tiny bit of de-pilling. Not bad at all. 

This one isn't really relevant to you but it is to me. Maya loves Miou knitwear. She has never shown any preference towards clothing (she is all about the shoes) but she actually asks to wear Miou, especially the bonnets. This kid can not leave the house anymore without wearing a bonnet. And she just looks so unbelievably cute in them.

taken on day 14
The clothes have beautifully survived many many adventures with my 2.5 year old and will likely continue to survive many more.

I'll be sharing more on here later with regards to how my husband and I go about the business of clothing our selves. And of course, the changes we're making. 

I have to send a whole lot of love to Georgia from Documenting Delight. It was her shoot with Miou that introduced me to this amazing brand. I would love it if you popped by her blog. Georgia's light has done all kinds of good for my soul.

Here is the shoot I did for Miou in June. And here is why I did this series. And click here to enjoy it from the beginning
Be sure to visit Miou's facebook page for lots of great updates. 

And lastly, Christine Dubin, you have created something very special here. The force is strong with you ;).