9 months old

You are a dynamo of irrepressible joy. 
You have a temper.
You laugh the deepest laugh I have ever heard in my entire life.
You know what you want and you know exactly how to get it.
You are so tiny (a whole 3 pounds lighter than your sister at the same age). 
You are so strong.
You crawl faster than the speed of light.
You have figured out how to take off those baby proof outlet covers. 
You love mama's milk and pureed foods. If I so much as try and sneak in something with a bit of texture, you'll spit it right out and smile at me. 
You love spitting in general. And usually when you're in the back seat of the car right next to your poor sister who can't do anything to get away from all your spit. I have promised her that when you're older I'm going to pin you down and let her spit on you; you've been warned; it's only fair after what she's had to endure. 
You love chewing on everything; especially my laptop cord.
You want to lick everything. 
You have had a rough go with teething but still don't have any. 
No one is going to be surprised if you end up climbing Mt. Everest and then decide to run a marathon the next day. 
You bring joy everywhere you go. So much joy. 
You are my little social butterfly. 
You are my little rascal child. 
You are nowhere near sleeping through the night. 
I'm convinced you're doing everything you can to make sure we don't have more kids.
It's working. 
We love you Izo. 
You are having the happiest childhood.
You are adored every moment of every day. 
May you carry this love with you for as long as you live and may this love bring you so much joy and strength. You are going to be pushing yourself to the very limit of your mind, body and spirit doing something amazing. I can feel it.