home schooling meet-up - Canadian Museum of History.

 Attended a workshop on Friday called the "Festival of Lights" at the Childrens Museum with our home schooling group. My ears are no long bleeding from the noise (there is nothing louder than a museum with awesome acoustics filled with children), so I can finally sit down and blog about it. The workshop covered Hanukkah (the kids played a dradle game), Diwali (they all got henna done), Loi Krathong (while making lanterns; seen below) and Christmas in Mexico. It ended in an incredibly beautiful way but at the time I was so tired and still recovering from losing Maya for 5 full minutes that the beauty of it was completely lost. While learning about Christmas in Mexico, the children got to pretend they were Joseph and Mary looking for room at the inn. They got turned down at several places before finally making their way to Canada where they were welcomed with the worlds "everyone is welcome here in Canada". How wonderfully perfect to hear those words on the same day the first batch of Syrian refugees arrived. The workshop ended with a pinata and candy, so all in all it was fantastic. After lunch we went back to the museum to explore and came home after 5 hours absolutely exhausted. I'm pretty sure Maya didn't hear/absorb a word of what was said at the workshop since the noise and chaos was off the charts but the activities that came with each festival and the museum space itself made this a fantastic little workshop.