izo india - 18 months old

to our hummingbird Izo on the day you turned 18 months old.

you love your mama, papa and "yaya". you miss your yaya when she is at school and say "want yaya". but you get over it pretty quickly because you now have my undivided attention. it's been beautiful getting this one-on-one time with you and i'm soaking you in, in all your glory and delight at 18 months old.
life and happiness is simply exploding out of you. it's absolutely contagious and your papa, maya and I are so lucky to call you ours.
you are not a huge fan of sleeping consistently. i ask you at night, "are you going to sleep well tonight?" and you say "nnnnoooo" and I ask you "how come?" and you throw your arms up in the air and say "dunno!".
you know just how loved you are and the confidence and joy you exude are proof of this.
you are wicked funny and have some seriously dorky dance moves you inherited from your papa.
your curly hair, love of mangoes and coconut water comes from your south indian heritage.
you are lucky to be surrounded by a small army of people who love you something fierce and build you up every second of every day.
you love mama's milk.
you love it when we sing to you.
it will be  a sad day when you start saying "shoes" instead of "sheeeeeezz".
the way you say "hello" and "yellow" with you tiny tongue sticking out is the cutest thing in the history of existence. i'm so not exaggerating.
everything about you is my favourite thing about you.
it's never just "no" it's "nnnnnooooooo".
every time you get hurt you yell "uhhh huuuuuurrrt" (i hurt). 
 you are dainty, strong, determined and your mischief knows no bounds. my goodness you don't stop. not for one second, not for anything. ever.
 the laughter, love and general exhaustion has grown ten-fold in our home thanks to you.
we are truly the happiest we've ever been.
you have solidified the bond of this family. and the shift in our love and the strength of our bond has been nothing short of profound.

you tiny perfect little creature, have completed this family of ours.